Ms. Orange Love Zombie Doll

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Fascinating original handmade Gothic Vampire. Zombie doll for Halloween

Creepy doll for sale.  Bizarre doll.  Creepy rag doll.  Strange handmade dolls. Dark creepy art doll.  Creepy voodoo doll.  Gothic zombie doll. Reminds you of The Walking Dead Dolls. These dolls are not your sweet everyday dolls. These dolls are morbid living dead strange dolls.  Designed for the bizarre and weird at heart.  A lovely Gothic ragdoll.  What a cute dysfunctional doll.

Doll is cloth material. She wears a black panne velvet dress with orange tulle. Body is orange with black stripes.  Face is hand painted. Bloody stains on dress and body. Doll has black and gray curly hair.  Wears hoop earrings. This unique creepy doll comes in two sizes, 14 inches or 23 inches tall.  Comes with creepy toe tag!


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