Hello there!  I'm Dana, founder of Dolly Dames,

Launched in 2009, Dolly Dames was created. It all started when times were a bit hard for me.  A single mother, simply wanting the best for her 2 children at Christmas. Money was short, and I wanted to give my children something that meant something, you know, from the heart.

The first thing that came to mind was to make dolls that looked just like THEM! Something that they would remember forever. Sooo, I went to the fabric store.  No sewing machine, a little money, and just a thought. From that I created 2 boy dolls.

As I received many compliments on the dolls, I took it to the next level.  With the love of all things horror, unique clothes, and jewelry, I decided to make horror dolls, and sell unique items that I really like.  As a wonderful misfit, here I am today, doing only what I truly love! Like goth, Emo, hip hop, punk, rockabilly?  Then you'll love this site too!

If you love goth, steampunk, vampires, zombies, hip hop/rap, all things black, darkness, and mystic you'll be happy you landed here.  Be a free spirit, and indulge in the artistic creative alternative world of the Dolly Dames. 

Excellent Customer service, top quality of all products, and top quality control is FIRST and foremost. My Moto is, "if I don't use it, I don't sell it."  Here you will find affordable prices Every Single Day.  Dolly Dames provides great gifts for loved ones, and yourself! 

Sometimes we fall off some items, but get backup and LIVE AGAIN. Feel great with these products. My goal is to make EVERYONE happy, and to provide the fastest shipping as possible for you.

Dolly Dames is based out of Las Vegas Nevada.

Come check out my stuff! at, www.dollydames.com KISSES!!