Bride Of Frankenstein Zombie Doll

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Zombie Rag Doll. You will fall in love with this creature-like bride. She is a handmade, Bride of Frankenstein doll! Hand painted. Add this to your scary doll, and monster collections.  This Gothic doll is great for horror gifts.  Creepy weird death doll. Reminds you of the walking dead. This whimsical art doll is great for all ages, boys and girls. Zombie bride.

Reminds you of voodoo dolls. This is a beautiful, and very unique horror art doll.  Great for Halloween, or anytime. A beautiful weird strange doll. Reminds you of the classic science fiction horror film. You gotta get these crazy fun dolls. Collect them all! If you love Elsa Lanchester, from the 1935 movie, then you'll love this doll!

Doll is cloth material. She wears a white panne velvet dress.  Face is hand painted. Bloody stains on dress and body.  Doll has black hair with white patch. This unique creepy doll  comes in two sizes, 14 inches or 23 inches tall.  Comes with creepy toe tag!

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