Zombie Doll Marriage

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A zombie Marriage. Creepy dolls for sale.  Bizarre dolls. Dark creepy art doll.  Creepy voodoo dolls.  Gothic zombie dolls. Like the Return Of The Living Dead Dolls. These dolls are not your sweet everyday dolls. These dolls are morbid living dead strange dolls.  Designed for the bizarre and weird at heart. Zombie doll relationship

Read about their horror marriage:

Till Death do we part. Strange dolls. Gothic creepy doll, married couple.  Skeleton skull themed creepy doll set.  Get thrilled with these bloody horror dolls.  Horror goth cult bloody dolls.  Dedicated to the Halloween skull lovers.  Creepy hanging skeletons. These scary bones remind you of Day of the Dead. Like creepy living dead dolls.  Creepy horror dolls. Decorate your home, or use them as Halloween props.  Great for skeleton doll collectors. 2-piece set. Includes man & wife. Voodoo like dolls Skeleton in red is the wife, and husband is dressed in black. 

Both skeletons are approx 16" L.  Celebrate for Halloween, or any day you like.